To Have a Mindful Child, Be a Mindful Parent

You’ve probably been there – your shopping cart is overflowing with groceries, the checkout line is a mile long, and your toddler is hanging on by the tiniest thread. As the line eventually trickles down and you allow yourself to think you might actually make it, an epic meltdown ensues. Your kid completely loses it. Meanwhile, you’re sweating bullets, your heart is racing and your own temper starts to flare. Mindful parents in this situation take deep breaths, recognizing that if they are calm, the child is more likely to follow suit.

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Grounding Mindfulness in Picture Books

When your young child is upset, her feelings can be overwhelming. The inner turmoil she’s feeling can be scary and disorienting. Emotions are confusing. They are abstract—you can’t hold them or see them—but also they cause physical changes in the body. They can seem mysterious, manipulative and powerful. When your child is upset, taking steps to move away from emotion and connect with the concrete world around her can give her brain time to process those feelings.

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Breathing as a Means to Mindfulness

One way to practice being mindful is to focus on breathing, and understand the role it plays in helping us feel calm, relaxed, and focused. In the Magination Press Family bookstore, you’ll find an assortment of kid-friendly, APA-approved books that explore breathing exercises you can try with your child, such as Breathe by Inês Castel-Branco, which uses illustrated exercises to help children become aware of their breath and their bodies.

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Practicing Mindfulness As a Family

Family life is hectic. Chaotic, even: People living together with different personalities, schedules, needs and interests. Juggling meals, laundry, appointments, lessons, pets and time together can leave us feeling frazzled and disconnected. Building mindfulness into your family’s experience can reduce your stress level and allow you to connect with each other in a restorative way.

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