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What Is Meditation? A Guide for Parents of Children and Teens

Our lives appear to be moving faster than ever. We are in a constant state of information overload due to having a digital device constantly at our fingertips and access to around-the-clock news. We may have overbooked schedules and multiple commitments, and lack a healthy balance between work and downtime. It is common to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and stressed out. Similarly, children and teens are exposed to many sources of stimulation throughout the day, not limited to the computer, smartphone, and other electronic devices. They may also be involved in many social, academic, and extracurricular activities that keep them on the go and their minds constantly moving.

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Learning to Pause and Be Mindful

For children and teenagers, learning how to take a pause requires practice and support from adults, just like learning to play an instrument or ride a bicycle. We want to encourage them to pause so they can catch their breath; be in the moment; experience what they are thinking, feeling, and doing; and regulate their emotions and behavior. Read on for some helpful tips for teaching mindfulness to children and teens.

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Learn More About Mindfulness

At Magination Press Family, we offer a variety of books that can help you and your child understand mindfulness and how it can help you feel more present and calm. Explore the bookstore for helpful titles that explain what it means to be mindful, such as King Calm: Mindful Gorilla in the City by Susan D. Sweet and Brenda S. Miles, which offers tips for becoming calm, focused, and in tune with the world around you.

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What Is Mindfulness? A Guide for Parents of Children and Teens

In a world of academic, social, occupational, and personal demands, children and adults alike are often too busy and moving in many different directions. As our world becomes more demanding and competitive, even young children often find themselves struggling to balance their many responsibilities and activities, with limited time to rest, relax, or take a moment for themselves. This is where mindfulness can play an important role in enhancing children’s mental health.

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