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Identifying Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children

Identifying Anxiety

Managing Anxiety: Promoting Helpful Self-Talk

Managing Anxiety

Encourage Your Shy Child

At Magination Press Family, you’ll find a wealth of books to help you communicate with children and teenagers about issues of anxiety and stress. Explore the collection for helpful titles that offer practical, kid-friendly coping strategies to manage anxiety, such as Blossom Plays Possum by Birdy Jones, which offers cognitive-behavioral strategies to help your child cope with shyness.

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Avoidance and Anxiety – A Perfect Match

Managing Anxiety

Think of the last time you felt anxious. Whether you were dreading an upcoming work presentation, worrying about finances, or thinking about an impending doctor’s appointment, you likely experienced an urge to avoid the stressor in some way, perhaps by procrastinating, thinking about something else, or putting off the appointment. Avoiding anxiety provoking situations is a hard-wired human instinct that can be very helpful at times, such as keeping us from walking down an isolated dark alley alone at night. However, avoidance can also be a slippery slope-particularly when it is a child’s primary way of coping with worry.

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Find additional kid-friendly books and resources to help your child deal with anxiety issues in our bookstore.

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Looking for a Psychologist?

Getting the help of a trained, licensed professional may be the best thing for your child. The APA’s Psychologist Finder can help you locate a therapist in your area.

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